Immune NU x60 to build stronger immune system




Natural Immune System Supporting Formula

Discover the best immune booster on the market with Immune NU. This herbal immune support supplement offers 23 individual active ingredients (many more than you will find in other products), including a wealth of natural immune boosters such as Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis & Manuka Honey, and plenty of vitamins for the immune system too. Pick up yours today and begin your journey towards a better wellbeing.

  • Boosts immunity with 23 ingredients
  • Multivitamin & mineral complex
  • With Bee Propolis & Royal Jelly
  • Easy to take capsules
  • 1 month supply per pack

Importance of the Immune System

The immune system is your body’s defense mechanism against invasion. It is a network of tissues, cells and organs that work together to protect you from infections and disease. Your immune system has a mechanism to identify something strange entering your body and then to do something about it. The better your immune system, the better your body is able to put up a fight. The majority of people have a perfectly normal and functioning immune system, however for some and for a variety of reasons, they can be compromised.

What Leads To A Weakened Immune System?

There are many possible factors that can lead to a less than normal or weakened immune system, here are some examples;

  • Lack of nutrition
  • Eating a lot of processed foods
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Alcohol

Why Is Immune Nu Special?

Nutrition plays quite a vital role in maintaining a good immune system. Either a rich diet or supplements packed with antioxidant vitamins such as C and E are amongst the best for this. Immune Nu contains over 188% of the minimal Nutritional Daily Value (NDV) of Vitamin C and has 12mg of Vitamin E. Now add to this Bee Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Whole Acerola Cherry Fruit and eighteen other nutrients, vitamins and minerals and you have a really heavyweight in your corner.

23 Amazing Ingredients

Bee Propolis Extract 5:1 200mg (whole equivalent Bee Propolis 1000mg)

  • Royal Jelly Extract 71.43mg 3.5:1 (whole equivalent Royal Jelly 500mg)
  • Whole Acerola Cherry Fruit 300mg (providing minimum 25% vitamin C)
  • Manuka Honey 150mg
  • Bee Pollen 150mg
  • Vitamin C 150mg (188% NRV)
  • Black Elderberry Extract 100mg 10:1 (whole berry equivalent 1000mg)
  • Lemon Bioflavonoids 100mg
  • Ginger Root Extract 5mg 20:1 (whole root equivalent 100mg)
  • Resveratrol 50mg
  • Vitamin E 12mg (100% NRV)
  • Vitamin B12 2.5?g (100% NRV)


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